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Welcome to the Crawlie Club information page. This section is designed for grown ups to learn more about Crawlie Club and the Creepy Crawlie Catcher Kit. 



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What is the Crawlie Club and how do children get access?

The Crawlie Club website is aimed at children aged 5-12 years. The purpose of the site is to discover more information about the environment they live in and to become a nature detective. Children can gain access to Crawlie Club with the password they receive with their Creepy Crawlie Catcher Kit. In the Crawlie Club children will learn about creepy crawlies and the exciting world of nature through games and activities.

Creepy Crawlie Catcher Kit

What is the Creepy Crawlie Catcher Kit?

The Creepy Crawlie Catcher Kit encourages children to explore and investigate their natural surroundings. It allows them to capture creatures without harm, record details that they can observe and then release the creature back into their natural surroundings. The Creepy Crawlie Catcher Kit helps children stay active and helps to learn while they are having fun and adventure.

Each Creepy Crawlie Catcher includes

  • A Bug Catcher for children to safely capture spiders, insects and other creepy crawlies without harming the creepy crawly or themselves.
  • Two observation containers to help children observe the creepy crawly.
  • Private membership to the Creepy Crawlie club internet site, where children can learn more about the creepy crawlies that they encounter.
  • Plastic insects to practise using their Bug Catcher.
  • Handbook to help the children identify and record the different creepy crawlies.
  • Magnifying Glass to get a better view of the creepy crawlies.

 What is the Bug Catcher?

The Bug Catcher is from the same family as the famous Spider Catcher. It has a plastic bristle head that surrounds the insect and captures them gently. The trigger in the handle is easy to use and does not require batteries.

  Bug Catcher how it works

How to use the Creepy Crawlie Catcher Kit?

1. Using the Bug Catcher, position the Bug Catcher over the crawly and squeeze the trigger handle to open bristles.

2. Quickly release the trigger to close the bristles and capture the crawly.

3. To release the crawly, position the catcher to where you want it to be released and squeeze the trigger handle to open the bristles and set free the crawly.

4. Hold: Remove the top lid from the observation container and push the bristles into the container and squeeze handle to release the crawly. Close the bristles and remove the catcher from the container and replace the lid.

5. Study and Record: Use the handbook supplied to identify what type of crawly it is and record the information in the book.

6. Release:  Find an area to release the crawly that is safe and similar to its natural habitat. Remove the lid and twist off the spoke lid of the container. Gently lay the container on its side and shake gently to release the crawly. Replace the lids and record the release date and time in data book.

7. Further identification: Use the password provided with your Creepy Crawly Catcher Kit to logon to the Crawly Club website. Here you will find further information to help identify the crawlies you have encountered as well as games and activities.

Privacy Policy

 For your child's safety and privacy, we try very hard to follow the guidelines and laws of COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). We do not have any mailings or bewsletters.

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Pictures submitted in the photo album are pictures submitted by Creepy Crawlie Club members. Only basic information is posted with their picture. We are sorry, but due to the number of pictures we receive, we are not able to post all of the pictures.

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Final Note to Parents

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