Here is a quick guide to where everything is on the site!!

Home Page: 

  •   Link to Grown Ups' page
  •   Password entrance to secret area
  •   How to use your Creepy Crawly Catcher

Grown Ups:

  • Info for parents

ID Gallery:

  • Links to online guides to help you identify the creepy crawlies that you capture

Things to do:

  • Online games to play
  • Colouring pages to print
  • Creepy Crawly Club certificate printout
  • Arts and crafts projects to make

Hunting Hints:

  • Ideas on how to attract creepy crawlies for capture and identification

Felix's News:

  • Felix's Blog tells you what Felix the spider is up to and what's new in the Creepy Crawly Club
  • Latest News has stories about creepy crawlies from around the world
  • Top 10 Amazing facts has freaky facts from the world of creepy crawlies

Photo Album:

  • Upload images of the creepy crawlies you capture for us to post on the website